5 best AI Robots, working and already on the Market

Ever stop to wonder you were ready to buy a real robot as we see in sci-fi movies?

Because many companies have been working day and night these last few years to make the dream come true. So, yes! There are several robots that are actually ready and available to be bought and put to work! They impressed the robot market with their advanced AI technology.

Despite taking people’s jobs. Robots have been proven to be essential in improving productivity, efficiency, and more importantly the workers’ safety. These are the 9 best and most advanced robots, humanoids, and service robots that are changing the course of the future thanks to artificial intelligence technology.

1. Digit

Digit is a manufactured robot by Agility robotics. It is destined to help assist people and taking care of them in their homes. It also delivers packages to front doors and is programmed to assist with disaster response. Its limbs and torso are packed with sensors. It can navigate complex environments and is able to carry out tasks such as package delivery with outstanding efficiency.

As a direct descendant of Cassie, Agility’s first Robot, it has proven itself to be much more adaptable to our everyday life. Ford Motor Company and AGILITY announced a partnership in May 2019, to develop a logistics solution that combines Ford’s autonomous vehicle technology and Agility’s Digit.

2. Pepper

Manufactured by Softbank robotics, pepper is the world’s first social humanoid that has proven itself to be able to recognize basic human emotions and also faces. It has been adopted by over 2000 companies around the world.

Perfect in retail and finance industries, it has numerous functionalities including increasing store traffic by creating memorable in-store experiences and stimulating purchase and retaining customers. Pepper is very good at gathering data to enrich the customer base and generate shopper insights.

3- Atlas

An amazing humanoid robot built by Boston Dynamics. The company was previously owned by Google. And now by Softbank. It has outstanding state-of-the-art hardware and algorithms that allow it to understand instructions very quickly.

This specific robot can perform both impressive and terrifying acts. It can demonstrate human-level ability, perfect for search and rescue missions and even for performing human acts where humans could not survive.

4- Surena IV

The fourth generation of the Surena Humanoid robot series developed by the University of Teheran in Iran. It has a height of 5.6 feet and a weight of 145 pounds, which enables it to walk at a speed of 0.43 miles per hour.

Surena 4 had improved interaction with the environment. It has more accuracy in tracking objects. Its new hands give it better dexterity. Thanks to these enhancements, the robot can manipulate a wide variety of objects, even delicate ones.

5. Samsung’s Bot chef

Manufactured by Samsung. This kitchen assistant bot chef can provide real-time made food on order. One can simply choose from the recipes catalog. The robot then searches for the ingredients in the kitchen cabinets, manipulates them, and then hands them to the human chef.

Since it still can’t perform very complex tasks that a chef can do, the robot stops when arrived to that point, or even when the human chef approaches. Thanks to its artificial intelligence algorithms, it can learn very quickly and start acting more efficiently.

This is already the future

Even though technology has already made more than a step into the future. AI robots are still way too far from the average consumers’ shopping lists. The prices are still so high that only big companies can afford them.

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5 best AI Robots, working and already on the Market

Cazanation Editorial2 January 2021

Ever stop to wonder you were ready to buy a real robot as we see…