911: What’s your emergency?

This is a call that raises curiosity. For all firefighters and paramedics fans, suspense seekers and Jennifer love-Hewitt lovers. 911 is the show you need right now. 

As a spin-off of 911 : lone star. The first episode has been released on January 3rd 2018. 4 seasons have been aired until today, last season is still running, episode 2 has just been released a few days ago.

I personally got bored with police shows and crime series. This is exactly what I needed after watching too much drama and sci-fi. A load of the weirdest most dangerous situations.

It doesn’t really matter if those things are inspired from real life events or not. What matters is how a team might deal with each specific situation and save the maximum number of lives possible. 

I thought that since Covid, Fox Broadcasting Company would stop the series, as many shows have been shut down due to lack of investment or due to a departure of an important cast member or more. 

I would definitely recommend this show, far from being boring. If you were looking for a new show to watch on evenings before you go to bed or during a sleepless night, this one will do the work and you won’t regret it. 

Also on the cast : Angela Bassett, Connie Britton, Aisha Hinds …

My favorite character is Athena Grant, amazingly played by Angela Bassett. I first discovered this actress in AHS (American Horror Story) And I absolutely loved her performance in each of the roles she represented. 

By Sarra Geist

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