Adapt your lifestyle to avoid stress during the Pandemic

We all have our issues and insecurities, yet our lifestyle keeps on changing to adapt. It is important to make some lifestyle changes in order to stop the stress caused by lockdowns and isolation during the pandemic

This pandemic is not over yet. Every one of us is under some kind of pressure, whether it is about our job or our family or about not being able to travel freely.

There are many ways to avoid many stressful elements that came along with the restrictions of this pandemic worldwide. All of these solutions are mainly focused on adapting your lifestyle to these circumstances. Little details can make great differences and help improve your mood and lower your stress level.

First of all, you must consider eating healthy and fresh food. Eat right and well. Stay hydrated and try to regulate your sleep. Good sleep, can help you combat stress and gives your body and brain the reboot it needs. Basically you need a good load of vitamin B and antioxidants.

Second of all, you need to get yourself outdoors more. If you don’t feel like going to public places, at least get some sun near your home, at your balcony, on a terrace. One thing is sure, Vitamin D keeps your body functioning normally. Food containing vitamin D are Fatty fish, fortified dairy products. To really let your body use the Vitamin D it needs, getting sunshine on your skin is indispensable for this process.

Staying connected with family and friends can help reduce the feelings of isolation. Take the time to use the technology available to connect with them. 

by Joan Plummer, dietitian and diabetes educator at Columbus Community Hospital

After all, who doesn’t feel lonely when isolated ? That’s why technology exists. Making contact is now more needed than ever. Talking to a familiar voice over the phone, video chatting with your family members. That can be very reassuring and it definitely reduces the stress amount one can encounter during this pandemic.

One last thing you need to keep in mind; You are not alone in this, the whole world’s population is in this together.

These times are not extraordinary, only challenging. And everyone doesn’t have the courage to keep smiling everyday through and against it all, but together we can make each other feel better, we can help each other heal, and keep hope for a better tomorrow.

If you feel like you can not outcome your stress even though you have tried many solutions, you might consider talking to a professional about your situation. Don’t underestimate stress, it can be very serious.

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