Was Cyberpunk 2077 worth the wait?

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After building hype for nearly A decade, Cyberpunk 2077 appears to be the biggest meme of 2020, for some…

The Cyberpunk 2077 game was anticipated by many gamers and awaited by a huge number of reviewers working for the fanciest magazines. Even though there has been a lot of rumors around its release, it has really been released just earlier this year. 

Many couldn’t wait to test the game, But there it was. The glitch of the year. Most of them flooded Twitter and social media with what they encountered. It appears that after a decade of raising curiosity and hype around the video game, some gamers seem to have really enjoyed the experience. Yet some still can’t seem to be able to place this game on the top games of the year.

The NY Times reporters explained “ These videos depict a game that is virtually unplayable: rife with errors, populated by characters running on barely functional artificial intelligence, and largely incompatible with the older gaming consoles meant to support it. Fans are livid.” 

Now that it is out in the wild, some think that this was intended, others chose to believe other theories…. But in the end, as the developers replied on Twitter “Whole game is going to be a meme.” That was before the release of the video game. 

After we reviewed many videos of the full game, played by different gamers around the world. We must admit that it is quite a work of art. If you crave cyberpunk life, you will be more than satisfied, the story is really something and the characters are so diverse that you can’t feel bored.

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