Follow what your heart and consciousness predict

Love and hate. Two feelings that come together. Between both is a border made out of illusion. By illusion we mean the image we have created about each feeling, how we prefer to perceive it. This image is reinforced and nourished by  thousands of small details, continuously, if nothing stands in the way. Usually when the truth bows down to the beauty of that picture.

The truth comes from the consciousness, this feeling which always remains awake even when we do not really realize it. It is there to protect us, to alarm us when its existence is in danger, and consequently, when the image that has been adorned in our minds takes on more scale than necessary.

They say the truth is relative. Indeed, it certainly is. Everyone has their own capacity, everyone has their own needs and everyone has their conscience.

Truth be told, you never love too long, you love just as long as it takes.

Hatred disrupts this love when it is sincere, to die out and give way to indifference, or to another love. We need it to feed our soul, we need it to survive the mediocrities that surround us, to protect us from the banalities of routine.

We create a world more beautiful than the one we see, to experience it better, to feel it even more intensely. This world crumbles and melts like a mountain of ice, sometimes quickly triggering almost deadly avalanches. And sometimes slowly, leaving just enough time to appreciate other forms without paying attention to the ice that is melting beneath our feet. We get carried away.

Sometimes, it feels like it’s too unfair, but in reality, this is exactly what we need as a being.

The most important thing is never to oppose what your heart and consciousness predict. They are always right, and even when it hurts, it’s for a good reason, which we often ignore, but eventually end up understanding.

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