How your body warns you about Depression

Winter has come. And the winter blues has come with it. Many of us may suffer from symptoms of depression during this season.

We always tend to think that those who suffer from winter blues are happier during summer. Yet sometimes, the weather might not be the only cause.

Researchers have been conducting studies over “depression” since ages. And major studies have tried to approach the many sides of this Mental health issue that seems to spare no one, nowhere.

“Major depressive disorder (MDD) is among the most common mental illnesses in the United States, with an estimated lifetime prevalence of 20.6 percent, meaning one in five Americans will suffer at least one episode during their lives. For patients who have recurrent MDD (rMDD), the five-year recurrence risk is up to 80 percent ” according to a study made by the University of California – San Diego, published in the January 11, 2021 online issue of Translational Psychiatry.

The study stimulates that metabolism might be an important factor in recurrent major depression disorder.

In other words, our bodies send physical warning signs that can play a major role in predicting recurrent depression disorder. Which can manifest itself in many major mood disorders, considered also as symptoms when it is a combination of anger and frustration.

Hopelessness, extreme sadness. Sleeping disorders, Sometimes it might be unexplained physical problems, or even extreme anxiety and difficulty at assembling thoughts. 

The results of the study affirm at a 90% accuracy that underlying biochemical signature can predict when clinical patients with rMDD ( recurrent major depression disorder ) are more likely going to relapse.

These findings can help the psychiatric community improve treatment for patients with suffering from rMDD.

Yet, the researchers said that they still need to test this theory on a larger amount of subjects to affirm the findings of the first results.

Plus,  many are out there in the world, suffering in silence, not knowing what they are suffering from. Not having the luxury to take a step back and be depressed. Too busy hustling and surviving.

If you feel any of the symptoms listed on this article, and don’t have any support system (family, friends) to reach out to, please consider contacting a professional.
Talking about your insecurities and mental health issues should be your priority during this pandemic.

Keeping your physical health depends essentially on your mental health, vice versa.

No one should feel helpless, or lonely. We are a planet of 7.6 billion people. We are all human. You deserve to be happy, and you deserve to take the time to reflect on yourself, and solve every issue blocking your from improving yourself. By improving, I basically mean achieving your goals and dreams in life.

How to get through dark times :

  • Having a trust circle of friends or family members to talk to
  • Having some time for YOU only.
  • Creativity helps you express your thoughts (DIY home projects, art,..etc)
  • Pets reduce the stress amount and anxiety. Their presence in your home and your space will remind you of the importance of moving on and not giving up on life.
  • Meditation helps you become a better listener to your body, to the environment that surrounds you. 

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