SYFY’s new show Resident Alien

The pilot settles the story somewhere in Colorado.

An alien is living under the skin of a normal resident, which turns out to be a doctor. Well, normal ? Maybe at first sight. Story starts when Harry, the resident alien, will become the only doctor in town, after the murder of the town’s doctor. Thing is, no one can see who he really is. Yet only one in a million humans, only one person can see the real alien he really is. A 9 y.o boy from town…

The main character is not as nice and cute as you might expect from a comedy. To get the human appearance of its vessel, it didnt chose the kindest methods. Let’s say that it is slightly darker than the impression it gives.

For all UFO enthusiasts, aliens and cryptyds, reptilians and all kinds of Extraterrestrial life theories supporters. The series that will lighten up your week has now released the pilot.

At first I was skeptic towards the idea of watching “another alien show” I just thought it was another documentary about boring and totally unnecessary repetitive stories.

If you liked Netflix’s Santa Clarita, this will get you hooked up quick.

I must admit that it is quite catchy.

Discovering what a resident alien, might as well be doing undercover in a remote town in the middle of nowhere. Tune in on SyFy to watch the replay of 45min pilot starring Alan Tudyk. Written by Peter Hogan and Chris Sheridan. Who also created the program. It was first released only a few days ago (Jan 27th 2021).

Personal impression:

While streaming the Pilot. It gave me the weird impression of a sarcastic version of “Dexter” ? I LOVE Dexter. Even a parody of the show would make me feel good while waiting for the next season to air. You watch it, and share your thoughts with me. Other episodes are to be aired on SYFY this February. I know I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season to find out what’s happening to the li… No more spoilers ! 🙊

If you love cold humour, this show is your winter treat.

FYI / Alan Tudyk is also the author behind Star Wars Adventures Vol. 2: Unexpected Detour.

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By Sarra Geist

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SYFY’s new show Resident Alien

SYFY’s new show Resident Alien

Cazanation Editorial16 March 20212 min read

The pilot settles the story somewhere in Colorado. An alien is living under the skin of a normal resident, which…