The reason we should keep dreaming

Sarra Geist - Drawing

Having a dream is having hope. Even though we have gotten disappointed by many things last year…

And this year is kicking the starter in a very high speed boosted performance. Not in a positive way… The virus is not going anywhere and its repercussions are here to stay even longer. 

We had plans that are gone to waste. We had jobs that we can never think of having again, anything soon. We had places we used to go to, places that are now facing bankruptcy or worse. Most of what we had might never exist anymore. 

But that’s how it goes doesn’t it ? Didnt civilisations sacrifice for progress ? 

It is although sad to realize that we are the one who are getting sacrificed. It is sadder to get to know the deeper truth. Which is : we sacrificed ourselves. We sacrificed our ability to dream in order to be part of a higher system. In order to climb the ladder and to reach even higher positions, to be respected for how much we’re worth and to make sure we get as richer as we possibly can. 

We forgot how to dream, then we got lost 

Having the ability to dream is having the ability to imagine a better reality. Which allows us to open up and diversify our perspectives on life. It allows us to see beyond our own reality, to outbound our insecurities and defeat them in such a beautiful way. It makes our brain develop other possibilities and think of new ways to keep your flow going. To keep your head in the clouds is not called dreaming, but escaping reality. 

A dream is the highest ambition.

The ultimate life goal. The perfect image that you draw about yourself. An image representing you, achieving what you deeply wish for. What makes you feel better about yourself and your environment. 

It is important to dream, so that reality has a meaning. Because dreaming is imagining exactly what would make you happy, and you deserve to be happy. You deserve to know what you need, so that you can work towards achieving your goals in life. Being dreamy, and having dreams are not a bad thing. But knowing the difference between both will keep your feet on the ground, while taking a few flights above the clouds to remember your purposes and goals. 

Always remember to dream.

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