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We believe in the importance of a safe space for creativity.

We support the freedom of dreaming, of thinking and living.We value art and artists, we aspire to become the world’s largest artistic community.

News about trendy apparel, latest signature fragments from the most creative brands worldwide. Fashion, style, and designers are on top of your interests, and we keep it on top of our priority to keep you always updated

Our content is curated for all the urban souls who feel at home, or feel like they are too far away from home. We know that music carries more emotions than notes. That’s why we will hit you up with your favourite artist’s releases and scoops.

Technology is one of our favorite topics, from smartphones, to VR and AR until AI and humanoids. We love to keep you up with all the cutting edge technology. Gadgets, devices and the best innovations in the world.

Time machines can turn your life upside down, but they also tend to give you a better view, a clearer one, on the present. As the past prepares the present for the future, we gather the shattered pieces of history and share with you moments of the past. Nostalgic folks, we feel you !

Buckle up, and keep up the artsy side of your brain.

We never left, we were getting ready to come back with more energy and brighter ideas. We aim to give you a bigger perspective on lifestyles and trends around the world.

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